Wednesday, December 2, 2015

I've been kinda busy...kinda?

Hey everyone,

I know it's been awhile since I posted last on here, but I'd like to start posting more now that I've got a little bit more time on my hands as the semester comes to a close.  Since my list post, lots of things have happened, especially gaming things.

Warhammer Fantasy

The first of these, any probably the most major, is my attendance of Quake City Rumble in late July.  With nearly 100 players, this is hands down the biggest event for Warhammer Fantasy on the West Coast.  I love this event - it's got a great, laid back atmosphere, even though it's such a large event; and it's a drinking tournament, which means there's a lot of suds flowing and this generally helps to put everyone in an even better mood.

I did pretty well - I lost my first game but almost maxed points my other four.  I played against VC, VC, Chaos Warriors, Ogres and finally Daemons, in that order.  All my opponents were super nice guys, and I had not a single rules quibble the entire weekend.  Usually, I feel like I have to call the judges at least once, if not twice or three times over the course of a 5 game event, but this time everyone was right on point with the rules.

It was a sad tournament, though, because it for the most part signaled the death of Warhammer 8th edition for most of us.  I heard one prominent tournament goer liking the event to an Irish wake, with melancholy drinking being the activity dejour.  Regardless, a super fun time.

Since the game is dead and gone, locally, we've made the switch for the most part to 9th Age.  I'll admit that I've had not a small role in this decision, but I've been trying to get all the other local players to try it out.  I must say, they've done a really bang-up job on the rules front - the stuff that was super broken in 8th is fixed and even the less appealing choices are very solid.  Adopting this game system over the more nationally accepted change to Kings of War is somewhat strange, but I've got to say that I like the more familiar ground of 9th better than KoW, and the game play seems less stagnant and boring.  But hey, that's just my opinion.

Warhammer 40,000

I've been playing a lot of 40k the last few months.  It's been a good time, and so far locally I'm 29-1 for tournament games.  I even managed to pull out the big W at the large local convention, where we even had people from out of town play in our event!  About 12 people from Fairbanks made the 8 hour car ride into Anchorage just to come play at our 2-day event.  It was great getting to play against new people and different (and very competitive) armies.

I brought my Necrons, and brought a Decurion Detachment; here's my list:

Decurion Detachment 1850 pts

Reclaimation Legion
Nemisor Zahndrekh
15 Necron Warriors
2 x 10 Necron Warriors w/ Ghost Arks
8 Immortals
3 Tomb Blades w/ Nebluscopes and Shield Vanes

Canoptek Harvest
5 Wraiths, 2 Whip Coils
3 Scarab Swarms
Tomb Spyder w/ Fabricator Array

Destroyer Cult
Destroyer Lord w/ Voidbringer and Phase Shifter
3 x 3 Destroyers

So all in all, very shooty, with a very solid counter punch/tie-up unit in the Wraiths.  Honestly, the whole deal with the army was that it was hard to kill; and with that in mind I basically just tried to play to the objectives and kill what I could.  I ended up playing against a Marine Demi-Company/1st Company Support list, Iron Hands Mech + Knight; Slaanesh CSM/Daemons summoning bomb; 5 Flyrant Nids and finally 25 Scatterbike/Seer Council/Wraithknight.  All the games were pretty good, although the Slaanesh player got a little contentious at points in our game, and I really didn't have too much fun either (but just for this game).  The toughest game was against the Nids or the Scatter bikes; I probably would have lost the last game had it gone another turn, but my opponent seemed to take a long time to do things and wasted time on the psychic phase that he didn't have.

Overall, a super fun event and a good time as any I've had at a big event down south.  I'm not sure about the future of the event, as the organizer is a little...prickly about some things.  I hope they end up running it again, it was great!

I think we're going to have another large-scale convention coming up as well, during the early summer, so I'm looking forward to participating in that as well.

I've also purchased a new Tau army, as well as a Mechanicum War Convocation and I've bought a bunch more Heresy stuff as well, so I've got a lot on my painting plate.  Hopefully I can work on some of this stuff as the year goes on.


So I've been playing this quite a bit lately.  I love this game - it's simple, but at the same time so complex and variable...I love the options.  This is the skirmish game I've always wanted.  With the addition of a campaign, I can't think of a game of this time I'd rather play.  It's streets ahead of Warmachine and Hordes, as far I'm concerned.  I have almost all the guild models, so that's my main faction, but I've also been playing Collodi a lot, and he's just an awesome dude to use.  So tricky, it's like I'm literally the puppet master of the table.

Personal Stuff

I'm going to school and working at the same time, but I'm really going to try and keep this updated.  It's been a real pain to get my pictures uploaded on this blog, but I'm going to try and make a better point of doing so in the future.  Anyway, for the few people that still might be following, expect more content soon.

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