Friday, January 27, 2017

The Year of Tzeentch

Hey Everyone!

This last year I've been playing a lot of different armies, switching it up constantly to play 40k in a lot of different ways so I wouldn't get bored.  What I have become bored with though, is not having any painted models.  Armies just feel so much more fun to play when they're actually finished, and I have lots and lots and lots of partially finished models laying around.

So, with the advent of some of the amazing new Tzeentch models that have been coming out, I've decided to get a Tzeentch army together for 40k, and make it mostly playable in Age of Sigmar as well, as this seems to be gaining speed locally.  I've been busily assembling models for my Thousand Sons army, and man, are these models great.  The detail that they've managed to get in plastic is truly astounding.  I literally can't wait to get these guys painted - I'm going to use the method that they've been previewing on the Warhammer Channel; i.e. spraying the model gold and then filling in the flat areas with blue.  I think I am going to go for a nice teal color for my models, rather than the straight blue that the studio army has been painted.

Once I get a small baseline of 1ksons and Tzaangors, I'm going to start getting painting some Daemons too.  Since these can be used in both systems as well as the Tzaangors, I should be able to get a lot of use out of these models for both systems.

So overall my goal is to not play any other armies this year until I have my army for the upcoming States competition painted and based.

So here's my for fun list that I'm going to try out a bit as I work on models:

Tzeentch 1850; Daemons CAD + Heralds Anarchic + Grand Coven Detachment

Daemons CAD
Lord of Change w/ 2 Greater Gifts, 1 Lesser Gift, Impossible Robe
-315 pts

2 x 11 Horrors w/ Icon
-109 pts ea (218 pts total)

Heralds Anarchic
Herald of Tzeentch w/ Paradox
-70 pts

2 x Herald of Tzeentch
-45 pts ea (90 pts total)

Grand Coven Detachment

War Cabal
2x Sorcerer w/ Mastery Level 2, Meltabombs, Aura of Dark Glory
-120 pts ea (240 pts total)

5 Scarab Occult w/ Soulreaper Cannon and Hellfyre Missiles
-305 pts

9 Thousand Sons w/ Soulreaper Cannon and Meltabombs
-247 pts

Tzaangor Herd
Exalted Sorcerer w/ Spell Familiar, Disk of Tzeentch and Seer's Bane
-245 pts

3x 10 Tzaangor
=70 pts ea (210 pts total)

It looks like a fun list to play, with enough models to push around and even a nice big center-piece model in the new LoC to use.  I'm sure that visually it will be really cool to see on the table.

The list that I'm working on for States I feel like is pretty good, but like any good Psychic Apocalypse army, it's going to have issues against people who bring blanks to the table.  I dunno, it'll still be fun to play with anyway; figuring out ways around that will be interesting.

1850 Tzeentch Pandemoniad + 1KSons CAD

Pademoniad of Tzeentch

Warpflame Host
Herald of Tzeentch w/ Greater Locus of Conjuration
-70 pts

4x Exalted Flamer of Tzeentch
-50 pts ea (200 pts total)

11 Horrors of Tzeentch w/ Icon
-109 pts

4x 11 Horrors of Tzeentch
-99 pts ea (396 pts total)

Heralds Anarchic
Herald of Tzeentch w/ Paradox
-70 pts

3 x Herald of Tzeentch
-45 pts ea (135 pts total)

1KSons CAD
Sorcerer w/ Mark of Tzeentch and Meltabombs
-80 pts

2x 10 Tzaangors
-70 pts ea (140 pts total)

Magnus the Red
-650 pts

I feel like this list has some additional threat vectors over the list that I've been seeing with the Rehati War Sect; while I'm losing three ML3 Psykers that manifest on 3+ rerolling; I'm getting more reliable access to powers, and I've got significantly more dice.  In addition, I have some great close range shooting threats in the Flamers; AND I've got lots and lots of 2d6 S7 psychic shots to throw across the table to break up battle company Rhinos, so that my S6 AP3 Torrents can do work.

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